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Thank you for your time and interest in Hyundai Dymos, a manufacturer of core automobile parts.

Hyundai Dymos is a global automobile parts supplier that continues its dramatic growth in the automobile industry.

Established in 1994 as a powertrain manufacturer, Hyundai Dymos entered into the Auto Seats Business in 2004. Recently, Hyundai Dymos has begun to successfully manufacture and offer to the market the cutting-edge technology of dual-clutch transmission ("DCT") and premium seats. Through these developments Hyundai Dymos has become a core auto parts maker of Hyundai Motor Group.

With its technological capabilities, superior facilities and presence in 21 business sites in Korea and around the world, Hyundai Dymos will become one of the leaders in the automotive parts industry. Behind the success and the fast-paced growth of Hyundai Dymos lies its corporate culture that combines an emphasis for its core values such as "Work Smart," innovation, respect for talent and taking on greater challenges.

Hyundai Dymos refuses to be complacent and seeks to make an endless effort to achieve sustainable growth. Hyundai Dymos will accomplish its mission by becoming not only a fast-growing company, but also a great workplace that cares for and grows with the local community.

Thank you.

CEO Cho, Won-Jang

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