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HYUNDAI DYMOS is an abbreviation of DYNAMIC MOTOR SYSTEM, which represents the business concept as the leading company of automobile parts.


The CI of HYUNDAI DYMOS represents the scale and world-wide image through image our connection to Hyundai Motors Group. The font type with concise and straight lines presents a dynamic image and the simple word mark logo type presents a reliable and clear image. Also, the CI is written in Hyundai Blue, the symbol of Hyundai Motor Group that represents hope, possibility, and trust, to indicate HYUNDAI DYMOS’ affiliation with Hyundai Motor Group.

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Korean/English logotype of HYUNDAI DYMOS needs to use HYUNDAI HARMONY MEDIUM font and cannot modify the shape.

HYUNDAI DYMOS in Korean Logotype
HYUNDAI DYMOS in English Logotype


The corporate color of HYUNDAI DYMOS has been designed in such a way that it can be best suited for the Company’s symbolic mark and can specify relevant CI standards based on various medium & application conditions.

primary colors
HYUNDAI BLUE - PANTONE 288C, Printed Color - PANTONE 288C, Process Color - C100+m70+K30, RGB Color - R0+G40+B122, HEX Code - 00287A, Web Color - 000066
* HYUNDAI BLUE needs to be used as spot color printing. If there is any advertising media who cannot use spot color printing, they need to do color separation with CMYK. To use on the website, TV, and etc. that uses monitor or media, need to use appointed RGB color, HEX code, and Web colors.

Incorrect Usage

This is prohibited regulation to use of symbol mark. HYUNDAI DYMOS Symbol mark needs to be used according to applied media.
The wrong use of logotype can distort HYUNDAI DYMOS’ image or degenerate the communication effect so please follow the regulation.

  • Do not reduce the uppermost word less than 60%.
  • Do not re-size the symbol mark.
  • Do not tilt the symbol mark.
  • Do not use signature type combined with Korean logotype.
  • Do not combine with another font.
  • Do not use symbol mark as type method.
  • Do not use any other color except designated color.
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