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A company realizing the dream of mankind by technology


To achieve 10 billion dollars in revenue and become one of the top 30 global automotive suppliers by 2020


New opportunities
Existing business expansion
New future business development
Excellence in R&D
Proprietary technology development expansion
Advanced leading technology
Wonderful Workplace
Communication and trust
Great working environment

Slogan for vision

VI (Vision identity)
The slogan ‘Ready 10’ represents the vision of HYUNDAI DYMOS, with its objective of achieving 10 billion dollars in revenue by 2020.
The ‘RE(ready)’ from Ready represents taking a new leap, ‘A(Ace)’ represents Global No.1, ‘DY(Dymos) represents Dymos, and finally ‘10’ represents the sales amount of 10 trillion won. The image-type slogan is called VI(Vision Identity), and needs to be used with standard form but when CI is used on same page than can be used in conjugated form.
The italic font shows HYUNDAI DYMOS’ great effort to reach the vision actively.
Straight and honestly formed horizontal line gradation presents the steady way to the future in any situation. Furthermore, the ‘A’, that represents global No.1 ranked automotive supplier, shows the status of global company.
Standard blue color is used as Hyundai Blue that symbols hope, possibility, and trust. Also with the gradation effect of the color expresses how we are dynamically reaching the vision. The sub-color, red, means the confidence and passion of HYUNDAI DYMOS members.
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