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  • Power train production process
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Power train production process

Video description
  • 1. Logistics management

    After having strict income inspection on the material (raw materials, parts etc) supplied by vendors, it is distributed to each concerned production line.

  • 2. Tooth cutting process

    Through processing method such as hobbing, shaving, broaching etc, process the supplied material into tooth of various gear/shaft.

  • 3. Heat treatment

    After penetrating carbon on the surface of tooth processed gear, quench it to increase surface strength and wear resistance, and maintain internal refining hardness to increase mechanical property.

  • 4. Polishing

    This is a process to increase preciseness by processing the heat treated part softly and smoothly. Through tooth polishing, completed product of high accuracy, high precision gear can be produced.

  • 5. Assembly

    Assemble the precisely processed parts into completed product in the automated processing line, and no-defect products are produced through state-of-the-art assembly equipment and inspection equipment.

  • 6. Delivery

    Completed products that passed strict quality inspection are stored in the automated warehouse and delivered according to customer company's request and rank.

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