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Premium sedan seats by Hyundai Dymos are the essence of highest technology that will satisfy the customer experience by going beyond providing the best comfort.


*This feature is available in EQ900. Feature is subject to change based on option.

1. Prime Nappa Leather
Prime nappa leather with minimum processing is used to maintain the unique premium and natural feel.

2. Modern Ergo Driver’s Seat
This 22-direction motor-controlled seat with detailed design and ergonomic design for minimizing the tiredness of passenger was recognized by the Lumbar Health Association in Germany for the premium comfort level.

3. First Class Seat
First class seats of aircraft were analyzed based on the behavioral patterns of vehicle passengers to implement comfortable seating experience.

4. Integrated Switch for Relax Mode
Personalize comfortable posture using 14-direction seat motor control function that integrates the shoulder inclination control and front-back control of the head rest.

5. Seat Memory System
This convenient feature remembers the postures of back seat passengers and enables passengers to easily control the configured seat position using one-touch button.

6. Duel Monitor on Back Seat
Back seat passengers can now use media devices and navigation such as DMB and movies.


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