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HYUNDAI DYMOS is independently design/develop/produce the automatic transmission for K1 and K1A1 tank, which is Korean Army's main force tank and reduction gearbox for railroad cars

Especially, we have autonomously developed reduction gear for next generation high speed train that is the fourth in speed in the world, and producing reduction gearbox for high speed, semi-high speed electric locomotive such as KTX, ITX_Cheongchun.

Automatic Transmissions for Combat Vehicles

HYUNDAI DYMOS' automatic transmission for tank is applied to K1 and K1A1 tank, which is Korean Army's main force tank and is proud of its excellent operability, durability and reliability

  • Maximum power1,200 horse power
  • Applied tanksK1 Tank, K1A1 Tank, Rescue Tank, Bridge Tank

Reduction Gearbox for high speed train

HYUNDAI DYMOS' reduction gearbox for high speed train is applied with high-precision system and designed to make it suitable for high load, high speed driving to guarantee the best durability and reliability.

  • Maximum speed430km/hr
  • Applied tanksKTX(300km/hr), HEMU-430 (430km/hr)

Reduction gearbox for electric locomotive

Electric Locomotive
  • Electric Locomotive Drive Systems

HYUNDAI DYMOS' reduction gearbox for electric locomotive is autonomously designed/developed/produced for the first time in domestic, and applied with high durability and low-noise system to guarantee best safety and riding comfortableness.

  • Maximum speed180 km/hr
  • Applicable modelsKORAIL Airport Railroad (110km/hr) ITX_Cheongchoon(180km/hr) ITX_Saemaul(150km/hr)
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