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HR management goals & policies

The goal of HR management is to stabilize the performance-based/competency-based HR/Training system and share its growth vision with all employees, enhance their productivity, and strengthen the competitiveness, and support the company’s attempt to take a leap to the next level as a global auto part manufacturer.

HR system

Achievement Performance indicator(KPI), Competency Common/special competencies, Evaluation, Rewarding Promotion Training

Evaluation System

A HR evaluation process will be executed fairly and openly based upon the achievement and competency evaluation results. Such evaluation results will be reflected in every spectrum of HR management, including but not limited to: rewards, promotions, and training.

Promotion System

All HR evaluation ratings will be converted into points, and employees reaching certain point levels will be eligible for promotion regardless of how long they have stayed with the Company.

Payroll System

Based on its salary system for all levels within the company (from department head to staff), HYUNDAI DYMOS is applying individually differentiated salary-increase based on both the individual and team/group performance of which the individual is a part of. Based on its performance-based incentives that appropriately compensates individuals and groups, HYUNDAI DYMOS incentivizes its employees and boosts job satisfaction.

Title System

Title System
General titles Engineering titles Production titles
General manager Chief engineer Line Leader

Line Worker
Deputy general manager Senior engineer
Assistant manager Engineer

HR Training

Entry-level training for new hires
A course designed to enhance desire for learning!
HYUNDAI DYMOS will help all new hires improve their job skills through a diverse entry-level training courses (2-week basic corporate training, 2-week Hyundai Motor Group’s universal entry-level training, 4-week OJT, etc.).

Career development system
The future of HYUNDAI DYMOS is secured through continuous training efforts by its employees!
HYUNDAI DYMOS fully supports each employee in developing his or her job skills and competency through a wide spectrum of training programs, such as: in-house/outsourced job training, CDP system, R&D center training (Seoul National University’s NGV), leadership/core value training, and junior board (junior executive meeting). In addition, the Company has provided its employees with various relocation opportunities through the job rotation system, thereby strengthening not only each employee’s competency but also an overall corporate competitiveness.

Mentoring system
This way and that way. new employee's trouble stops here.
From individual struggles to personal consultation through the one on one mentoring system!! HYUNDAI DYMOS will not only match all new hires with mentors to better acclimate to the unique Company environment, but also provide various mentoring services, including subsidizing of some group activities and best couple awards.

WRAP-UP training for 2-year-tenure staff
Empolyees with a two year tenure will be able to review previous training courses through the WRAP-UP training specifically for 2-year-tenure staff

Training for global talents
Language, the core competency to lead the global market!
Numerous global Dymos employees’ have been well trained through a unique language program, which is composed of the ‘Cyber Language Course’, ‘Video-conference Conversation’, ‘Phone English’ and ‘Hyundai Motor Group’s Intensified English Course’ covering English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and so forth.

Summer camp for new hires
A true field trip for new hires which provides an opportunity to relax and interact with other collegues!

HYUNDAI DYMOS has programmed a variety of overseas learning opportunities, including technical training at multinational corporations and overseas training for outstanding employees. In particular, the Company has an internal recruiting system in order to grant each employee an opportunity to work at an overseas branch.

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