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HYUNDAI DYMOS Powertrain R&D Center, where the Company’s future drive-system technology is born. HYUNDAI DYMOS Powertrain R&D Center leads quality improvements and new technology advancement by developing a variety of future powertrain technologies, ranging from new drive-system technology to eco-friendly cars..

Located in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, HYUNDAI DYMOS Drive System R&D Center has been committed to developing core auto parts such as transmissions, axles, 4-wheel drive systems and special drive systems. Here, efforts are made toward developing highly efficient, strong, low noise and durable products through new material development, enless durability tests, noise tests, and performance test.

  • AddressHyundai-Kia-ro, Hwaseong-si,

    Gyeonggi-do, Korea

  • EstablishedJanuary, 2007
  • Unit floor area49,500m²
  • Gross floor area32,000m²
  • R&D areaAutomobile transmission/axle, 4WD,

    reduction gears for railroad cars,

    speed reducers for electric locomotives,


R&D Process

The HYUNDAI DYMOS Powertrain R&D Center has developed various transmissions and axles, and made seamless R&D and quality improvement efforts which include development of new technologies, reliability testing, NVH performance enhancement, and development of new materials. Furthermore, the R&D Center has been able to develop a variety of electric locomotive speed reducers and automatic transmissions for combat vehicles, thereby having participated in numerous government projects.

R&D planning, Design, Simulation, Commencement, Test, Control

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