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Seat R&D center of HYUNDAI DYMOS, which is designed to create R&D value creation and lead future seat technology. Known for one of the largest scales in South Korea, HYUNDAI DYMOS’ seat R&D center has made its continued R&D efforts with top priority on customers’ safety and comfort.

Aiming at the in-house development of seat modules & mechanisms, HYUNDAI DYMOS built its state-of-the-art seat R&D center, equipped with cutting-edge testing equipment, on March 2007. Going forward, HYUNDAI DYMOS has secured its global competitiveness through a variety of scientific in-depth tests, and the Company will continue to lead the future seat technology based on its R&D knowhow and intelligent seat development.

  • AddressYeongcheon-ro,

    Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

  • EstablishedMarch, 2007
  • Unit floor area45,800㎡
  • Gross floor area26,800㎡
  • R&D areaSeats and seat parts

R&D Process

HYUNDAI DYMOS’ seat R&D center has been able to effectively manage a series of overall R&D processes (i.e. design, structure analysis, test, start-up, etc.), which are required to develop a seat and to mount it in a motor vehicle.
HYUNDAI DYMOS’ seat systems will provide fun driving, best quality, product uniqueness/safety and high ride quality to their customers. In addition, backed by their ergonomic and sensitive design, a variety of stylish and lavish seat systems by HYUNDAI DYMOS will continue to satisfy its customers.

R&D planning, Advanced technology, Design, Simulation, Commencement, Test

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