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Technology information

During the R&D planning phase, HYUNDAI DYMOS formulates and executes its R&D plan through new technology trend analysis, and fully supports ongoing projects, hence strengthening the Company’s technology advantage.

Seat R&D center’s business plan, Formulation of R&D strategy, Technology trend analysis /forecasting, Technical document/process management

Design cost

The design cost refers to any cost that incurs throughout the order receipt phase & the mass production phase and accordingly is computed based on certain cost accounting rules. Supported by a purchasing cost guide at the order receipt phase, cost reduction activities at the development phase and drawing-based cost estimation, HYUNDAI DYMOS makes reasonable and competitive product pricing at the mass production phase.

Main tasks
Providing material cost estimation information at the order receipt phase
Estimation of a new model’s material cost and Target cost (material cost) management per design phase
Providing cost information for the selection of part development contractors
Providing design EO cost & variable material cost information
Building of part cost database & design cost computation standards/systems and Cost reduction activities & cost-related training
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